by Rick Miller

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lloydd A good album,his darkest to date,a very consistant musician Favorite track: Delusional Psychosis.
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robertferg16 "Delusional" is every bit as good as "Dark Dreams", both are outstanding recordings and so reminiscent of early Genesis, Moody Blues and of course, Pink Floyd. But Miller has his own unique style too and his songwriting, vocals and playing are first rate. Buy these albums, turn out the lights - you won't be disappointed!
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... but the MUSIC is gorgeous. The incongruity is brilliant!

Don't buy a thousand-dollar phone; instead, buy "Delusional" for yourself and 165 friends. As for me, I'm gonna buy "Dark Dreams" right now (!)

(Next day: I did what I said I would do.)


This is my latest album, in the genre of what I would call Progressive Rock. That term defining the type of music that was made famous throughout the 70s by bands such as Genesis, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd. The music is soft, dark and melancholy because that's the way I like it, so if you like your Prog Rock with lots of jazz fusion or heavy metal in it, you may not find what you're looking for here. I do hope you enjoy though.. and thanks for listening.





released March 8, 2018

All tracks written, arranged, recorded and performed by Rick Miller with the more than able assistance of:

Sarah Young: Flute
Mateusz Swoboda: Cello
Barry Haggarty: Stratocaster
Will: Drums and Percussion
Kane Miller: Telecaster
Artwork: The Sixth Sense by Christer (CrilleB50)


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Track Name: The Garden of Forking Paths
This garden leads to forking paths
Where each mistake will take you back.
The signs ahead are overgrown
Which way to turn? The path unknown.

Though man he plans and God he laughs
A choice is made, can’t take it back.
The signs ahead are overgrown
This forking path won’t take you home.

If I should choose this path today, is my fortune told?
Do other futures still exist for paths as yet unknown?

Time winds on, life’s a garden of forking paths,
Life goes on, choose your future the past is gone.
Track Name: The Final Journey
The journey through darkness is long,
But the truth in his heart keeps him strong.
The wound in his side, crimson stains on his heart,
His sword broken now, the battle lost from the start.

The road now before him winds on,
He remembers a long forgotten song.
The song that he sings is a tear from his soul,
A sadness fills him now as the memory grows.

The war of the roses rages on,
But for him the time to pass has come.
The land of the dead the lonesome purge of his sins,
He rides through the night the final journey begins.

To the island and valley of Avelion,
Where the rain never falls
and the sun softly cries to the sea.
Track Name: Serial Killer
Part 1, Afternoon

I steal perfect dreams from you,
Blood on my hands, silent wake for a fool.
Morning comes, darkness fades into light.
A solemn prayer to the dreams of the night.
The look in your eyes, dark and void of the light.
The knife in my hand as I wait for the night.

Part 2, On the Run

We got the call at midnight.
The crime scene looked like something
out of a horror movie.
The killing had been vicious and cruel,
But he’d gotten careless this time.
We were getting closer.

Part 3, Evening

My soul condemned by the touch of your grave,
But time wears me down, it’s the fear that I crave.
The look in your eyes, dark and void of the light,
The knife in my hand as I welcome the night.

I walk down empty stairs in the dark,
Waiting alone, silent prayer in my heart.
I hear them now, laughter echoes down below,
As they walk towards the door,
I can feel excitement grow.
I look down at the knife in my hand.
I feel the need, I see the fear inside them now.
I look in her eyes, dark and void of the light,
There’s blood on my hands as I
Slip back into the night.

Part 4, Morning

The light of the day, the city alive,
But the hunger inside he knows will survive.
Track Name: Poison
If I can see the sparkle in her eyes.
It can only mean I’m free of your poison.

If I can put the stars back in the sky,
It can only mean I’m free of your lies.
Track Name: Delusional Psychosis
I see the beast in you, I know you see it too.
From the depths of myopic waste,
Comes a hint of your pious fate.

Scream, dream through this psychotic veil,
Eyes shut when these delusions fail.
Track Name: The Twilight Zone
On a long winters evening,
Between the moonlight and the stars,
There's a place where only I can go.
A place in my mind that darkness shares with the light,
And a dream is the mirror to my soul.

I dream of riding shotgun to the stars,
On the wings of a song that no one knows.
I dream of walking barefoot in the sand,
And the times, the times I spent with you.

A quiet acceptance of what’s out of my hands,
Is a road that I must travel on,
But when the darkness comes,
And the daytime slips away,
My mind is in the Twilight Zone.

I dream of riding shotgun to the stars,
On the wings of a song that no one knows.
I dream of walking barefoot in the sand,
And the times, the times I spent with you.
Track Name: Faulty Vision
Believe in your dreams,
It’s the Soma that strengthens your soul.
Dream to believe, make it real,
Make the memory hold.

Deep within the ancient past,
A consciousness unfolds.
A universal memory, Dreamtigers roam.

You see what you believe,
It’s a sober excuse for a lie.
What’s real is what you feel,
In the end, all that’s left when you die.

I once had a vision, and then I couldn’t see,
Then one day my vision,
Came crashing down on me.
Track Name: Midnight
There are two kinds of truth in this world.
The truth that lights the way and the truth that warms the heart.
The first of these is science and the second is pure art.
She was an artist.

Raymond Chandler

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